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Sales is so easy! Why do we make it so hard?

We empower small businesses to overcome the obstacles preventing their revenue generation from Roaring. From consulting and fractional support for companies scaling their businesses and expanding their teams. To 1 on 1 coaching with solopreneurs and smaller businesses, helping them navigate the complexities of sales so they can focus on their purpose, passion, and expertise. We have a solution that will empower your business to BE THE DIFFERENCE!

About Us

At Roar Consulting, we are dedicated to empowering businesses to thrive by simplifying the complexities of sales. With over forty years of combined experience in sales and sales leadership, our founder recognized the common struggle many entrepreneurs & sales professionals face in achieving sales success. Having led a company from millions of dollars in debt to becoming an industry standard, we understand firsthand the challenges and triumphs of building a successful business. Our mission is to make sales intuitive for you, offering expert guidance and support to help you overcome obstacles, increase revenue, and achieve your business goals.

Let us empower you to unlock your full potential and Roar with success!


One on One Coaching

Solopreneurs with a purpose, passion, and/or expertise with inconsistent revenue generation.

Fractional Sales Leadership

All the benefits of a expert sales leader for small business in the fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.

Revenue Generation Consulting

We recognize the stark contrast between mere training and effective problem-solving. While training is valuable, it's essential to address the root issues that hinder your sales success. We dive deep into your current sales landscape to identify strengths and areas for improvement. Beyond mere training, we focus on solving root issues hindering your sales success by conducting personalized consultations with leadership and the sales team to uncover key success factors. Our tailored approach prioritizes enhancing existing strengths while pinpointing inefficiencies in CRM usage, customer follow-up, and sales pipeline management. With actionable recommendations and implementation support, we empower your sales team to Uncage revenue potential and achieve unparalleled success.

Small Business Academy: Intentional Revenue Generation

Embark on a transformative journey to boost your income intentionally. This comprehensive program, consisting of five interwoven courses, is designed for coaches, consultants, speakers/authors, health and wellness experts, startups, sales professionals, and sales leaders. Each course, though stand-alone, contributes to a synergistic approach to uncage your revenue potential.




I’ve been benefiting from Jason Tracey’s, Roar Consulting sales coaching for a few months and it has made a tremendous difference in my acupuncture practice.

Traditional “selling” does not come easily to me. I’ve had numerous coaches give me scripts and formulas for success. And, while they worked to some extent, I could never find the authenticity that made them a part of me – a necessary component for building trust with patients.

Then I met Jason. His approach is different. He gets to the heart of the matter by asking the right questions, listening with the intent to truly understand the current process, and why things are done the way they are. He uncovers the thought patterns and stories that are contributing to, or inhibiting sales success. Then the "ah-ha" happens. He helped me go from “sales = yuck”, to “sales = service”.

If you're a holistic health care provider and you struggle with the sales side, or if you manage others who “sell” on your behalf, give Jason Tracey at Roar Consulting a call. He’s the difference-maker you’re looking for.

Carol Kremer

Kremer Acupuncture


3 years ago, you couldn't have convinced me that I had anything to learn about running a small business. I had survived and flourished for over 16 years. I was regularly hitting revenue targets, and had successfully weathered the 2008 financial crisis. However, things change, and I gradually got complacent. The phone didn't ring as much; customers were dropping off; large and lucrative projects were no longer the norm, and my core business was changing. I wasn't being proactive, and my confidence was eroding. Fast forward to 2019, and the situation was critical. I lost my largest customer, and the pressure and fear was now interfering with my ability to be a dedicated father and husband. I met Jason Tracey at a local networking group, and after hearing my story, he had some hard words for me. After flailing about for a few more desperate months, I signed on at Roar Consulting with Jason as my coach. This process is challenging, and it will be up to you to make substantive change, but you won't be alone. I'm incredibly grateful for Jason's candor, deep knowledge, friendship, and most of all, his genuine excitement when doors start opening. If you're a struggling small business person, listen carefully. You'll learn a lot about authenticity, accountability, and that your business is what YOU make it; YOU get to define it. Go here. Hire Jason. Stop being a victim. EAT FACES.

John Gouin



Jason Tracey is a sales coach, small business consultant, speaker, and best-selling author renowned for his infectious energy and authenticity. As the host of the highly acclaimed podcast Coffee & Grit, Jason shares stories served as data with soul to an audience of entrepreneurs & visionaries. Through his firm, Roar Consulting, founded in 2018, Jason offers personalized coaching & sales leadership to heart-centered entrepreneurs, helping them dominate their markets to Uncage their revenue potential. With a passion for empowering small businesses Jason focuses on belief systems, communication strategies, and streamlined processes to make revenue generation intuitive and intentional.  

Gracie Tracey is a Difference Maker, entrepreneur, and advocate for authentic connections in the business world. With a career marked by a deep commitment to empowering others, Gracie's journey embodies the essence of genuine care and meaningful impact.

As the founder of Gracie Tracey Design Co., Gracie has channeled her passion for creativity and entrepreneurship into a thriving business. Through her innovative approach to creating personalized items, Gracie not only delivers exceptional products but also fosters genuine connections with her clients.

With a focus on authenticity and empathy, she inspires sales professionals & entrepreneurs to prioritize genuine connections over traditional tactics.

Join Gracie on her mission to revolutionize the sales landscape, one meaningful connection at a time. Through her unwavering dedication to authenticity and genuine care, Gracie is reshaping the way we approach relationships and leaving a lasting impact on businesses and individuals alike.

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